Brent Robinson Scores Carolina Clash Victory At Fayetteville Motor Speedway

Fayetteville, North Carolina (4/13/24) - The Carolina Clash Super Late Model Series traveled to Fayetteville Motor Speedway located in Fayetteville, North Carolina on Saturday April 13th for a event paying $5,000 to win.

Brent Robinson of Smithfield, Virginia led flag to flag Saturday at Fayetteville Motor Speedway to score his first career victory with the Carolina Clash Super Late Model Series worth $5,000. Ben Watkins, Dustin Mitchell, Willie Milliken, and Carson Brown rounded out the top five finishers. The fast qualifier of the event was Dustin Mitchell with a time of 14.920 seconds. Heat race winners included Anthony Sanders and Jamison McBride. The consolation race winner was Donovan Jackson. The hard Charger of the event was Ben Watkins (Started 8th / Finished 2nd).

Fayetteville Motor Speedway 4/13/24 Results

1. 3 Brent Robinson
2. 16 Ben Watkins
3. D8 Dustin Mitchell
4. 2M Willie Milliken
5. 28 Carson Brown
6. 23 Michael Rouse
7. 06 Christian Thomas
8. 24D Michael Brown
9. 15 Ethan Wilson
10. 2 Dennis Franklin
11. 7J Dalton Jacobs
12. 40 Zach Cox
13. 57Y Adam Yarbrough
14. 18P Gray Parton
15. 55L Matt Long
16. 07 Dale Timms
17. 93 Donovan Jackson
18. 09 Michael Leach
19. 03 David Yandle
20. 55 Benji Hicks
21. 215 Jamison McBride
22. 27 Anthony Sanders
23. P1 Jeff Parsons
24. 42G Mark Greene
DNS - 18L Spencer Liggon
DNS - 99 Travis Stoner
DNS - 79 Roger Lucas
DNS - 7H Ronnie Long
DNS - 452 Brad Basey
DNS - 94 Ricky Chavis
DNS - B5 Chandler Fowler
DNS - 42 Doug Sanders
DNS - 4 Caleb Fulp

Car Count: 33
Fast Qualifier: Dustin Mitchell
Feature Winner: Brent Robinson
Heat 1 Winner: Anthony Sanders
Heat 2 Winner: Jamison McBride
B-Main Winner: Donovan Jackson


For more information on the Carolina Clash Super Late Model Series visit the Series online at . Find us on Facebook at Carolina Clash Super Late Model Series and follow us on Twitter @CarolinaClashPR.


The Carolina Clash Super Late Model Series is sponsored by American Racer, Hoosier Racing Tire, VP Racing Fuels, Big A's Custom Graphics, Penske Racing Shocks, Judy Yarbrough Realty, Turkey's Towing LLC, Thomas Clarke Performance, K-MansParts, Xtreme Custom Trophies, and Ryno Racing Classifieds.


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