Chris Madden Scores Carolina Clash Victory At Cherokee Speedway; Franklin Crowned Champion

Gaffney, South Carolina (11/20/22) - The Carolina Clash Super Late Model Series traveled to "The Place Your Mama Warned You About" Cherokee Speedway located in Gaffney, South Carolina on Sunday November 20th for the annual "Blue Gray 100" along with the "Mike Duvall Memorial" event paying $12,000 to win. The 100 lap event was the final event for the Carolina Clash Tour in 2022.

After starting from the pole Chris Madden of Gray Court, South Carolina scored is eighth career "Blue Gray 100" Carolina Clash Super Late Model Series victory Sunday at Cherokee Speedway worth $12,000. The event was also the annual "Mike Duvall Memorial". Maddens victory marked his twelfth career victory with the Carolina Clash Tour.


Madden led the first 81 laps Sunday at Cherokee Speedway until making a late race pit stop to change tires. After returning to the Speedway Madden raced his way back through the field and on lap 98 Madden was able to take back control of the lead from race leader Kyle Strickler with a outside pass. Leading the final two laps Madden was able to score the victory. Daulton Wilson who started 22nd would go on to finish second while Ben Watkins, Michael Brown, and Trent Ivey rounded out the top five finishers. The Buffalo Bar and Grill "Buffalo Time to Beat" fastest qualifier for the event was Chris Madden. Heat race winners included Chris Madden, Trent Ivey, and Kyle Strickler. The B-Main winner was Adam Yarbrough.


As the 2022 season concluded Sunday at Cherokee Speedway for the Carolina Clash Super Late Model Series; Dennis Franklin of Gaffney, South Carolina scored his fourth career Carolina Clash Tour Championship (2022, 2013, 2011, 2010). John Price took Rookie of the Year honors.


The Carolina Clash Super Late Model Series would like to thank the fans, drivers, and sponsors for a successful 2022 season and look forward to seeing everyone in 2023.

Cherokee Speedway 11/20/22 Results

1. 44 Chris Madden
2. 18D Daulton Wilson
3. 16 Ben Watkins
4. 24D Michael Brown
5. 88 Trent Ivey
6. 421 Anthony Sanders
7. 79 Ross Bailes
8. 42 Cla Knight
9. 07 Dale Timms
10. 8 Kyle Strickler
11. 57Y Adam Yarbrough
12. 70 Jeff Smith
13. 78 Thomas Robinson
14. 03 David Yandle
15. 57 Zack Mitchell
16. 2N Matthew Nance
17. P4 John Price
18. 5H Mike Huey
19. 18 Brett Hamm
20. 55 Benji Knight
21. 20H Bryson Harper
22. 2 Dennis Franklin
23. 17 Tim Vance
24. 5 Ethan Wilson

DNS - 618 Kevin Wilson
DNS - G2 Kevin Godwin
DNS - 42S Chris Ferguson

Car Count: 27
Fast Qualifier: Chris Madden
Feature Winner: Chris Madden

Heat 1 Winner: Chris Madden

Heat 2 Winner: Trent Ivey

Heat 3 Winner: Kyle Strickler

B-Main Winner: Adam Yarbrough


Heat 1 (Top 6 Transfer) - 1. Chris Madden, 2. Zack Mitchell, 3. Brett Hamm, 4. Ross Bailes, 5. Jeff Smith, 6. Anthony Sanders, 7. John Price, 8. Chris Ferguson, 9. David Yandle

Heat 2 (Top 6 Transfer) - 1. Trent Ivey, 2. Michel Brown, 3. Cla Knight, 4. Dale Timms, 5. Matthew Nance, 6. Dennis Franklin, 7. Adam Yarbrough, 8. Bryson Harper, 9. Kevin Godwin

Heat 3 (Top 6 Transfer) - 1. Kyle Strickler, 2. Ben Watkins, 3. Benji Hicks, 4. Ethan Wilson, 5. Tim Vance, 6. Thomas Robinson, 7. Mike Huey, 8. Kevin Wilson, 9. Daulton Wilson

B-Main (Top 4 Transfer) - 1. Adam Yarbrough, 2. John Price, 3. Bryson Harper, 4. Daulton Wilson, 5. Mike Huey, 6. David Yandle, 7. Kevin Wilson, 8. Kevin Godwin, 9. Chris Ferguson


For more information on the Carolina Clash Super Late Model Series visit the Series online at . Find us on Facebook at Carolina Clash Super Late Model Series and follow us on Twitter @CarolinaClashPR.

The Carolina Clash Super Late Model Series is sponsored by American Racer, Hoosier Racing Tire, VP Racing Fuels, Clarendon Auto Parts, Big A's Custom Graphics, Ponce Realty Group, Thomas Clarke Performance, K-MansParts, Xtreme Custom Trophies, and Buffalo Bar and Grill of Greenwood SC.


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